We are convinced that our Clients’ success is the most important thing. We would like to have a hand in it by providing assistance and legal representation at the highest level. Therefore, they can focus their attention on what is important — family, work or business.

We strive to be one step ahead of the needs of our Clients who operate their own businesses. We keep improving every day through exploring the recesses of industries and sectors in which they operate. This allows us to adjust our legal services to their real needs.

We believe that peace in private life is not less important than success in professional life. Therefore, in our everyday work we also give our attention to all the matters concerning this sphere of life.

You can trust us. We do not theorize, we find solutions.


Court, arbitration and enforcement proceedings

As part of our court practice we provide comprehensive and professional representation before common courts (both primary and secondary jurisdiction), The Supreme Court and Administrative Courts. We also represent our Clients before national arbitration courts (institutional and ad hoc).

Inheritance law and inheritance planning

We assist our Clients in conducting inheritance proceedings, which includes confirmation of inheritance acquisition and inheritance division. We prepare drafts of inheritance division agreements or agreements for sale of share in inheritance. We represent our Clients in cases concerning annulment of testator’s last will and in cases concerning legitimate portion.

Family law

As part of our family law practice, we handle divorce cases, cases which concern awarding alimony as well as raising/lowering alimony, separation cases, cases concerning determining contacts with a child, cases concerning termination/limitation of parental rights, cases concerning denial of parentage. We specialize in representation of Clients before the court, however if it is possible in a given case, we also assist mediations.

Real estate

We have extensive experience in cases related to broadly understood real estate trading, in particular in issues related to usucaption, expropriation or dissolution of real estate co-ownership. We analyse the legal and factual status of a real estate.

Labour law and social security law

We provide legal counselling in the scope of individual and collective labour law, preparation of employment contracts drafts, non-competition agreements, and managerial contracts.


We provide assistance in the scope of tax law through providing counselling services in this field, conducting consultations and preparing expert opinions. We analyse tax effects of planned undertakings and we suggest the most favourable solutions for our Clients.

Restructuring and bankruptcy

In our practice in the field of restructuring and bankruptcy law, we provide broadly defined consulting and representation for our Clients, who act either as a debtor or a creditor.

Competition law

Competition law, which comprises of anti-monopoly law, subsidy law as well as counteracting unfair competition law, is a dynamically developing branch of law, which requires the skill of analytical thinking and extensive knowledge.

Company law

Taking advantage of our experience, we assist our Clients in their undertakings. We develop and help to implement the concept of legal and organisational structure of their operations. We are guided by the principle of searching for the most effective solution for the Client.

Public Procurement law

We provide professional legal services in the scope of Public Procurement law. Our experience obtained in cooperation with both Employers and Contractors gives us a wide range of knowledge and skills, which we utilise during the course of proceedings.

Intellectual property law

We provide counselling in concluding agreements concerning the broadly defined intellectual property law — licence agreements or intellectual property transfer agreements. We represent our Clients in disputes concerning copyright protection.


Specialisation: taxes, labour law and social insurance law, public procurement law, bankruptcy, restructuring and recovery proceedings, company law. Read more →
Specialisation: corporate law, labour law and social insurance law, copyright law, claiming compensation, transfer pricing. Read more →
Specialisation: family law, real estate law, inheritance law and inheritance planning, geological and mining law, misdemeanours law, proceedings concerning European funds. Read more →
Specialisation: company law, real estate law, family law, labour law, inheritance law. Read more →
Specialisation: restructuring and bankruptcy law, commercial and economic agreements law, company transformation. Read more →
Specialisation: arbitration, competition law, real estate law, inheritance law and inheritance planning, company law. Read more →
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Specialisation: labour and social insurance law. Read more →

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